Can You Use Fabuloso On Wood Floors? Research Results

Can You Use Fabuloso On Wood Floors? Let’s dicsuss. Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner that you can use on a variety of hard surfaces. The cleaner works great on different floor types and works efficiently to remove dust, dirt, grime, and grease. There are different types of materials that you can use on floors, and keeping them clean and tidy gives the home a refreshing look. Maintaining clean floors is not easy, and choosing the right type of cleaners that are favourable to the floor material is vital.

Fabuloso is one of the most recognized cleaners in the Industry and can be used on almost every floor type without question. But Wood floors are a critical type to maintain since they have a porous surface; hence it is common to question, “can you use Fabuloso on wood floors.”

The Fabuloso cleaner was founded in the 1980s in Venezuela and was introduced in the United States in 1996; it has become one of the Industry’s most famous and best-selling floor cleaners.

Can You Use Fabuloso On Wood Floors?

As previously stated, Fabuloso is a specialized floor cleaner and works effectively to remove dirt from the floor. It is normal for most to question if the cleaner is safe to use on wood floors because of the porous surface, as some cleaners contain harmful ingredients which can damage the wood’s original look, giving a dull burnt look if overused.

But since the Fabuloso cleaner has a neutral pH value ensuring the safety levels for cleaning the wood, and contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, which gives the cleaner a pleasing fragrance.

 Thus, the Fabuloso cleaner ensures it is safe for wood floors, cleans the floor, and gives your home a pleasant smell.

 How to Use Fabuloso on Wood Floor?

The Fabuloso company recommends a few steps that should be followed for the cleaner to work effectively and safely. The process is not complicated, but it is vital to use the right amount, know the ratios and what should be avoided when using the cleaner on the wood floor. Below is a brief guide on how to use the Fabuloso cleaner correctly on the wood floor.

  1. Wear gloves and an apron before you start cleaning. Now take a considerably large mixing bowl, add ¼ cup of Fabuloso cleaner and pour a gallon of water. Using lukewarm water is most recommended for best results.
  2. Use a mop or a sponge to clean the floor and repeat the process till the dirt is no more there.
  3. Now using the mop, sponge, or a moist cloth, wipe the floor with water.

You can also use the Fabuloso cleaner more conveniently by pouring the Fabuloso solution and mixing it with the right proportions with water. Pour into a spray can and spray it to the area you want to clean. Use a sponge or a moist cloth with water to remove the excess cleaner.

If you want to remove thick grease, dirt, or sticky substances, use the Fabuloso solution directly and scrub it. Use a wet sponge to remove the excess cleaner.

What Should you Keep in Mind Before Using Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

Using the right proportions and ratios when using the Fabuloso cleaner is essential. But before you learn how to use the Fabuloso cleaner, there are also a few tips to keep in mind for the cleaner to work without any error. Below are a few tips to keep in mind before and while using the Fabuloso cleaner on the wood floor.

  • Ensure the wooden floor is sealed for the Fabuloso cleaner to use. Since the wood has a porous surface, if you don’t seal the floor, the elements in the cleaner will damage the wood surface.
  • Avoid boiling or steaming hot water, as the high temperature isn’t favourable to the food, and wood will not resist the heat. Use room temperature water or lukewarm water when diluting with Fabuloso.
  • Sweep the floor and remove dust and particles before mopping the floor with Fabuloso cleaner to avoid mixing the cleaner with the dust.
  • Do not add bleaching-based products to the cleaner as there is a possible chemical reaction with the ingredients in the Fabuloso. The chemical reaction can emit toxic fumes, unhealthy to breathe.
  • Use water to wash and wipe the excess cleaner after using the Fabuloso on the floor to avoid dust marks after sweeping.

The Fabuloso cleaner is not only used on floors; it is also safe for other appliances and places in your home, such as the kitchen counter, cabinet, toilet etc. Below are a few other places and ways you can use the Fabuloso cleaner explained.

How to use Fabuloso Cleaner For Toilets?

To use the cleaner for your washroom, you can put a few drops of Fabuloso in your toilet and scrub with water to clean. This way, you can get a cleaner and more pleasant toilet smell.

How to use Fabuloso Cleaner For Appliances?

You can use the Fabuloso cleaner tiles, stovetops, oven, microwave, and countertops by pouring it into a spray bottle and using a sponge to clean. Next, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the excess cleaner from the appliances.

How to use Fabuloso Cleaner For Trash cans?

Since the Fabuloso cleaner has a pleasant fragrance, it can eliminate the rotten smell and act as a deodorizer. Pour some Fabuloso cleaner and warm water into the trash can; move the can in a circular motion to clean the trash can and rinse with water.

How to use Fabuloso Cleaner For Cabinets?

Fabuloso is an effective cleaner to keep your cabinet clean and tidy. Use a spray bottle, pour 1/8  of the Fabuloso solution into the spray bottle, and mix with room temperature water. Shake the bottle to mix the solution and use it on your cabinet.


As much as Fabuloso cleaners are safe to use on wood, using Fabuloso cleaners also gives your wood floor a new look and a refreshing home smell. The cleaner works instantly with antibacterial properties, which can kill 99.9% of bacteria and has a variety of scents such as Lavender, Clean paradise, Tropical spring, Spring in bloom, Passion of fruits etc., giving the home a refreshing fragrance.

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