How Do I Change The WiFi Network On My Ring Doorbell? [SOLVED]

The Ring Doorbell is an excellent illustration of current technological progress. Even while you’re gone from home, you can instantly determine who is at the doorstep. The Ring Doorbell monitors the territory next to your house 24 hours a day, but it should get linked to a Wi-Fi connection. If you’ve recently updated to a different Wi-Fi connection or if you wish to switch the WiFi connection of your Ring Doorbell for any circumstances. You may be seeking answers to “how do I change the WiFi network on my Ring doorbell”.

You can wish to update your Ring doorbell’s Wi-Fi connection for various reasons, including relocation or a switch in Service provider. This guide will provide you with all the details to modify your Wi-Fi connection and select the appropriate Wi-Fi channel for your Ring Doorbell version.

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Whereas the ring doorbell provides several benefits, there are times when the console’s internet access is compromised. It may sometimes fail to join a Wi-Fi connection or have difficulty detecting a network.

Consequently, if you alter your Wi-Fi network or connection configuration, the Ring Doorbell will no longer identify it. To join with your Ring Doorbell, ensure your Wi-Fi connection password does not include any unique symbols. Let’s look at “how do I change the WiFi network on my ring doorbell”.

How Do I Change The WiFi Network On My Ring Doorbell?

Let’s figure it out. 

Wi-Fi Internet Access

Your Ring Doorbell gadget’s initial Wi-Fi connection will not be to your internal network. When you begin configuring it, it initiates Setup Mode. It prompts you to install the software onto your smartphone before proceeding.

After installing the application and making an account, it might not take much since it simply takes the essential details. The application will then link to the local Ring Doorbell gadget.

How could it join over Wi-Fi if the gadget doesn’t get linked to a router? Ring Doorbell would broadcast its transitory Wi-Fi connection in Setup Mode. It is needed to join the Ring application to the gadget, and once configured, it will link to a Wi-Fi connection.

Link to your apartment’s Wi-Fi and adjust the parameters using the directions on your mobile phone. The simulated Wi-Fi connection will stop broadcasting when you finish. The gadget will join your preferred Wi-Fi connection.

Enforcing  Setup Mode

Your Ring Doorbell cannot link to your household Wi-Fi connection if you do not get into Setup Mode. Going into “how do I change the Wi-Fi network on my ring doorbell” will not make any sense. You will need to compel the Setup Mode to execute in some instances. To do the same, detach the console’s cover, push and let the black toggle gently.

Note: You mustn’t grasp it for too much. Remove the batteries and charge them completely. Be patient since it might require many hours.

Start the gadget again and check to see if it initiates Setup Mode. If this does not happen, you must conduct a factory reset. For doing that, hold the black toggle for almost 15 secs or longer if needed. It must reset your Ring Doorbell, and the gadget must automatically engage Setup Mode.

Updating Wi-Fi settings

The Ring Doorbell could be in excellent functioning order. However, if your Wi-Fi connection fails and you possess a backup, you may wish to link to it anyway. You might also have updated your network or relocated.

In any event, you must be able to modify your Ring Doorbell console’s Wi-Fi connection. Sadly, they haven’t provided it very simply. Considering the lack of settings on the gadget, you might have to utilize the Ring application.

It is a straightforward method, and it might not be compatible with all devices. Launch the Ring application, browse the camera, choose Device Health, and select Switch Wi-Fi Network. Select the connection you wish to join from the queue of connections.

Reconnecting to Wi-Fi could be a possibility on specific devices. After choosing this selection, you would get prompted to hit the magenta button, which will result in the Ring Doorbell getting removed from the wall.

Although you don’t want to remove anything to access the magenta button, there seems to be a more accessible, if not even more primitive, method. Modify the title of your SSID to meet the specific name of the previous network. It isn’t the most complicated approach, though it works.

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So, How to Change The WiFi Network On Ring Doorbell?

To get to the root of the problem, you may try a few different things. First and foremost, reboot your network. Please turn it off, unhook all of the cords, wait several minutes for it to settle down, and then connect it again. Your network might well be operational, and it might be overheated, causing it to slow considerably.

The Ring is also limited to 2.4 GHz connections. Although many Wi-Fi connections operate at 2.4 GHz, you must investigate it regardless. If your Wi-Fi connection is exceptional, you will need to purchase a new router and switch providers.

Verify your Wi-Fi frequency if your connection is operating at 2.4 GHz. Ring devices do not work on frequencies 11-12; thus, your Wi-Fi connection must get tuned to frequencies 1-11. Additional investigation may get accomplished by checking your Ring doorbell’s network bandwidth.

If your stream resolution is terrible or you cannot join, it might be one of the main items you try. Then go to the internet speed homepage by clicking Begin when your device is within reach.

If neither of those diagnostic methods works, don’t hesitate to contact Ring’s customer assistance. Because the problem is probably with the device, you will receive a credit or a new Ring device.

Bottom Line

While switching the Wi-Fi connection on Ring gadgets is too tricky, their goods perform flawlessly, despite the possibility of connection troubles. More than probably, you would not have any Wi-Fi issues, and the gadget will link to your wireless router in seconds.

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