How To Get Wax Off Laminate Floor And What Not To Do

What if you found a block of wax on the floor after a romantic candle night dinner? Don’t think that “I never gonna do this again.” Instead, let’s do a quick search on how to get wax off laminate floor.

Letting wax drop onto the laminated floor of your house should be a common mistake that always happens during a birthday celebration. A Christmas tree decoration or even a scented candle would drop any wax build-up on your laminate floor. Sometimes, without knowing, you or someone must have used a wax-based cleaning product. 

It is true that your laminate floor gets dirt and damaged accidentally by various things besides how hard you try to keep it shining original. Well, accidents happen, and it is not a big deal to get a headache because wax can be removed from laminated flooring easily, even with home remedies. But you must be aware that the methods and cleaning agents used with a hardwood floor cannot be used in laminate flooring. 

Don’t keep the wax marks; stay relaxed on your laminate floor for ages after falling because it will keep stains if the wax is colored. 

How to Get Wax Off Laminate Floor?

Sometimes a simple trick will make the wax patches on your laminate floor wipe out easily by making them into liquid form. Several liquids also dissolve wax and clear the laminated floors.

Hair dryer method 

Yes, the hair dryer is a lifesaver in these kinds of situations. You can switch the heat to medium or medium-high heat and blow the air over the wax build-up. It will melt gradually. Then without delay, use a wet cloth or a blotting paper that absorbs the liquid wax.

Don’t use steel wool, abrasive pad or sanding pads during these cleanings.

Scraper method

This can be a plastic scraper, plastic drywall blade, plastic knife, or any kind of blunt tool. Scrap the wax patches gently so as not to injure the floor. Do not use any metallic tool if you are going to scrap, as it will harm the surface. Make sure the wax has wholly become solid before starting the process. If not, keep a plastic wrap with ice inside over the wax marks. Ice will harden the semi-melted wax soon.

It is better if you could use this scraping method just after the wax was fallen into the laminate surface. Use a slightly wet cloth to remove the residuals in order to prevent the wax particles from moving here and there.

Store-bought cleaning liquids

You can use a laminate-safe liquid to remove the residuals left after scraping, as we mentioned in the scraper method above. But do not use any abrasive material in wiping out.

The mandatory rule to follow is to avoid any liquids with ammonia and chlorine. Scouring powder is also not allowed. Simply avoid any cleaner with bleach.

Do not pour the liquid directly onto the floor. Instead, pour a little on the mop and do the cleaning. When you use excess disinfectants, they will also remain stripes and change the nature of the floor material.

It would be better if you could test the liquid you bought before using it on the laminate flooring of your home. Try it even in a small hidden area prior to large-scale use.

Vinegar wipe

If there are remaining parts after you scrape the wax patches, use this simple homemade solution. Mix white vinegar and warm water in a 1:3 ratio. That means 1 part of white vinegar must be mixed with three parts of warm water. Immerse a piece of cloth in this liquid mixture and gently wipe the place. Keep the wiping in one direction. Rinse the cloth and repeat the wiping as above until the patch disappears.

Do a patch test to ensure before using the whole space.

Rubbing Alcohol/ Acetone based nail polish remover/ Wax remover in the market/ Mineral spirits/Paint thinner

Dip a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and squeeze it. Then gently rub the desired surface until the mark is gone. Rub in one direction only. 

Do the same when you have got nail polish, a wax remover, or any other ingredient in the given list above in your hand.

Make sure that each element mentioned here are to be used after a patch test on a hidden place. This is important to check whether it will change the color of your laminate flooring.

What to Avoid When Removing Wax Off Laminate Floor?

  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner with its’ beater bars or rotating brushes on the laminated floor.
  • Do not use any buffing machines or polishing machines to clean. 
  • Never pour hot water as it will damage the laminated floor.
  • Avoid washing the clothes used to remove wax in the washing machine. It will block the device.
  • Do not use a steam mop to clean a laminated floor.
  • Do not try the ironing method on laminate flooring. It is for stone and hardwood surfaces.

Prevention is better than cure!

When you get a wax build-up in your laminate flooring once, never repeat the same mistake. If you are using a candle, you can always keep paper on the floor right under it or else use a container that collects the melting wax to light the candle.

Every product you use on the laminated floor must be double-checked with the consisting ingredients. It would help if you also chose a cleaning tool that does not damage the laminate flooring.

Wrap up

How to get wax off laminate floor is a problem that can be sold without making any after stains often. But you have to be quick as you can after it makes its mark on the floor. We have discussed several productive methods in detail that do not cost you much. 

Patience is a must when you follow these methods to avoid ending up with a worse mess. Some washing liquids will not match all types of laminate floorings. Therefore, as we have mentioned, a patch test is compulsory prior to usage.

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