What Does Soil Level Mean On A Washer – All You Need To Know

A washing machine will often work in the household as people depend on it rather than washing the clothes manually using their hands. When you purchase a washing machine, you might notice various settings where the options will be familiar, whereas you might not have an idea of new features. In this article, you will learn what does soil level mean on a washer.

Not all washing machines will have the feature that will indicate the soil level; hence this depends on the brand and the model you choose. If you have a washing machine that can check soil level but don’t know what it means, then you are in the right place. This article will help you understand the soil level on a washer, which will be useful when operating the machine.

All the options that are present in any device will serve a purpose, so it is better to understand them. Mostly at home, you will only try to use the basic options in the washing machine, so many people aren’t bothered about the rest of the features.

What Does Soil Level Mean On A Washer

If you’re purchasing  or you already have a washing machine with the soil level option, then you can get precise knowledge on using that option through this article. Sometimes people are curious about learning new stuff, so when they see something new, they try searching for information to make things familiar.

Suppose you are also interested in knowing what does soil level mean on a washer. In that case, there is nothing much to worry about as you will come across all the necessary information in the article, as it focuses significantly on the soil level option.

What Does Soil Level Mean On A Washer

What Does Soil Level Mean On A Washer

Rather than washing one or two clothes in the machine, you will collect a few dresses to wash them together. This will save time, increase the durability of the machine and also will reduce extra expenses.

The amount of dirt in your clothes may vary, so you must clean some clothes extremely well while some others require mild washing. So, it will be difficult to decide in the cleaning process if you don’t have some knowledge about the intensity of the dirt.

Hence, to make this process easier, you will find a soil level option to help convey the level of soil or dirt in the clothes in the modern washing machine models. Therefore, depending on the soil level, you can decide on the appropriate cleaning process to obtain clean and fresh laundry.

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Checking the soil level will be useful to decide how much detergent will be necessary for the cleaning and the duration to complete the process.

Sometimes you will be washing a few clothes that have a little bit of body sweat. Still, in some other cases, you will be washing very dirty blankets, so the soil level in the two situations will be different, affecting the cleaning process. Hence, by understanding the purpose of soil level, you will wash the laundry more efficiently.

When you think logically, you might know that when you use the same process to wash your clothes and then to wash the kid’s clothes which contain more mud and dirt, will both give the same result? This question sometimes makes a lot of sense when thinking in depth.

Suppose you are washing the clothes by hand, then you will wash the clothes with less dirt using less effort. Still, for intensive dirt, you will soak the clothes in the detergent for some time and then scrub them well using a brush to remove the dirt.

But in the machine, you will have to check on the soil level to decide on the intensity of the cleaning process. Now you might have a little understanding of the advantage of using a washing machine that will have the soil level option.

Soil Levels That Are Available In The Washing Machine

Here are soil levels that will be there in washing machines

  • Light Soil Level

Suppose you put some delicate clothes in the washing machine which do not contain much dirt. Then you can use this light soil option which will indicate to the machine that there are no heavy dirt items.

Hence the washing process will be quicker, and you will only need to use a small quantity of detergent that is sufficient for the load of the laundry.

  • Normal Soil Level

The regular laundry that gets piled up will not contain extensive dirt, regardless of any sports dresses. So, to wash the daily wear, you can use the normal soil level option. This will also help to remove any slight stain. At the end of the process, you will get clean and fresh clothes with a nice smell.

For these types of clothes, if you choose the light soil level, then the cleaning will not be very efficient; hence it is important to decide on the appropriate soil level depending on the laundry.

  • Heavy Soil Level

When you decide to wash rigid fabrics like towels, blankets, rugs, and other stuff, you might have to ensure that you choose the heavy soil level option. There will be dirt between the stitches and the material, so thorough cleaning is necessary to eliminate all the debris.

In such cases, using slightly more detergent will be necessary. Even for sports dresses and crocs, using this option will help to clean them well. Some people even wash such fabric twice to clean it, but washing once using the heavy soil level will be sufficient.

The Benefit Of Using Soil Level In Your Washing Machine

The main advantage of using a washing machine containing the soil level option is that you can tell the machine what type of washing process will be necessary for the laundry. The machine will process and work according to the instructions.

This soil level option will help minimize unsatisfied washing of clothes. Hence, once the process is perfect, the result will be satisfying. The time, detergent usage, water level, etc., will change according to your chosen soil level.

So, if you choose the light level, the process will end sooner than the other soil levels. These are a few benefits that you can gain by using the soil level option.

We hope this article on what does soil level mean on a washer was helpful.

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