How to Remove Rust From Vinyl Flooring? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Vinyl flooring came to life with the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933; however, with the devastating occurrence of World War 2, there was a huge material shortage for many things, including vinyl flooring. The popularity of vinyl flooring reached as it is a resilient flooring method, a flooring material born out of materials that are durable, firm and cost-efficient. However, as much as there are pros to this flooring method, there are some cons to this method, which include the rustic appearance that it could adapt after some time of exposure to many natural and artificial elements. Thus we will be discussing; How to remove rust from vinyl flooring.

Can Rust Stains be Removed from Vinyl Flooring?

The possibility of noticing rust on vinyl floors after some installation is inevitable unless you care about the flooring prospers and maintain it with high care within the advised guidelines. However, if you have failed to do so and some serious rust marks on the floor bother our sight, there is no need to worry. There are still some ways in which you can try to remove those rust stains. Though it can be a weary task to be engaging in, it is possible to remove rust stains from vinyl flooring. Therefore you must be educated on How to remove rust from vinyl floors.

What Causes Rust Stains on Vinyl Flooring?

There can be many reasons behind rust stains that are very noticeable in your flooring. Nevertheless, these reasons can easily be prevented or taken actions towards, hence why it is vital to acknowledge the cause behind this rustic stain so that you can take necessary actions.

  • The continuous yet natural flow of oxygen that interacts with the vinyl floor will cause oxidation, leading to corrosion and rust marks appearing over time.
  • If you have made it a habit to clean your vinyl floors using water and regular cleaning detergents, you will never face various ill effects of such action, including many rust marks.
  • The location of your house truly has an impact on this. Living near a beach will make you and your floors both salty and crispy; the floor is due to a series of rust marks.
  • The constant contact of wet shoes, slippers etc., on the floor will also cause rust marks.

How to Remove Rust from Vinyl Flooring?

Removing rust marks on vinyl flooring might be a tiring task sometimes when the rust marks have yet to be looked at. Therefore, follow the guidelines we will be teaching on the earlier stages of corrosion. Thus it will be easier for you to remove those stains as they won’t be so hardened. Thus, be more cautious about the stains on your flooring while paying attention to the following strategies to remove rust marks.

  1. DIY Rust Mark Removal

  • It would be amazing if you could remove the rust stains from your floor from those typical home supplies. That is why we bring you such a method that you can use,
  1. Vinegar
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Clothes

After you have found these items in your house, you can get to work,

First, lay a thin layer of baking soda on the rust stain

Then wet the cloth with some vinegar and wipe the baking soda off after leaving it there for 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. Utilization of Magic Eraser

  • With this method, you can take the damp magic eraser after squeezing out the excess water and rub the rust stain until it disappears.
  • Lastly, you can wipe off the excess material on the floor.
  1. Using consumer-based cleaning products that contain 5% oxalic acid and are free of chlorine and bleach. Moreover, make sure to wear gloves and a mask when working with direct oxalic acid, as it is highly poisonous for any living embodiment.

What is the Best Rust Remover for Vinyl

What is the Best Rust Remover for Vinyl?

One of the methods of removing the rust on your vinyl floor is to use a commercial-rated cleaning liquid which will make your life a lot easier. That is why we bring you the best cleaning liquid available on the modern-day market that will make sure to remove the rust stains on your floor.

  • You can easily use the “Ultra One rust remover.”
  • Then comes the “Bar keeper’s friend,” specifically designed to remove tough stains.
  • Lastly, “Zud” is usable for this purpose as well.

Utilization of this cleaning liquid will make sure to remove the rust stains that bother your mind very quickly.

Can Abrasive Cleaners or Tools Remove Rust Stains from Vinyl Flooring?

Removing rust from your vinyl flooring can be hard if the rust has been left alone to proceed on its journey. Therefore, trying to remove it with only a cloth will be foolish if you use the DIY home method.

That is why we use baking soda, an abrasive cleaner that will help you scrape off the rust without damaging the floor.

However, using other abrasive tools on the floor could discolor and fade the floor’s shine over time. Therefore we recommend not using such a tool or a cleaner on the floor unless it is baking soda with vinegar. Thus you will be able to avoid damaging the floor as well.

Does Vinegar Remove Rust on Vinyl Floors?

As mentioned several times before, removing rust can sometimes be a hand-dandy task that will require some laborious strength. However, in some rare chances, you can use your home supplies to remove these stains.

Vinegar is one of those home supplies you could use to remove rust. We can use it paired with baking soda. First, apply a thin layer of baking soda to the affected area.

After waiting a few minutes, you can wipe off the baking soda and the rust using vinegar. Therefore it is true that vinegar could remove rust stains from your floor.

How Do I Prevent Future Rust Stains on Vinyl Flooring After the Removal Process?

The famous saying always acts out when we score the internet looking for cures; “prevention is better than cure.” Thus, even when the topic is about removing rust from your vinyl floors, the best option is to worship the idea that prevention is better than cure from installing the floor. Here’s how to prevent rust stains from being a guest on your vinyl floors.

  1. You can start vacuuming instead of mopping the floor with loads of water buckets.
  2. You can invest in a cute little shoe rack that can endure the draining water from wet shoes, umbrellas, etc.
  3. Make sure you apply a sealant so that you will be able to install vinyl flooring even if you live in a coastal area.
  4. Ensure not to use nails when installing the floor, as there is a high possibility of corrosion.

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