Cushionguard vs Sunbrella – Which Fabric is Best for You?

Figuring to select the best outdoor fabric can be challenging, considering the number of options available. There are plenty of outdoor fabric materials in the market used for your furniture; however, when selecting a material, there are a few factors you will need to consider. Hence when selecting a material for your outdoor furniture, the materials need to be durable, strong, and stain resistant because they are exposed to the outer environment and are prone to damage. Cushionguard and sunbrella are two of the most popular options in the market when you want to select an excellent, but selecting one fabric material from the two can be challenging. Hence, in the article, we have compared cushionguard vs. Sunbrella by discussing the features to determine the differences between the two materials. Hence, ensure to read it completely, and you can find which outdoor material is suitable for your furniture at the end of the article.

What is Cushionguard?

Cushionguard is one of the market’s most affordable outdoor fabric materials, made using dyed polyester fabric. The Cushionguard helps to protect your fabric from stains, is waterproof, and is mildew resistant. Hence, if you are looking for an affordable option with the above features for your outdoor furniture, a cushionguard can be a good option.

What is Sunbrella?

Sunbrella, in contrast, is premium quality material with more advanced features than the cushionguard and is also costly because of its upgraded features. Sunbrella Fabric has been manufacturing solution-dyed acrylic fabrics since the 1960s and has failed to impress their customer by developing its product range each year. Thus, if you are looking for a guaranteed outdoor material with impressive features for your furniture, sunbrella can be the best option.

Cushionguard vs Sunbrella Comparison

Sunbrella and Cushionguard are two outdoor fabrics popular in the market because they are in equally demanded, and the materials are not the same as they are different. Hence, if you are deciding to select between cushionguard and sunbrella, below have compared the features of the two fabrics.

  • Performance

It is essential to look over if the material has a good performance for the price; when comparing the cushionguard and sunbrella, the sunbrella is better because it is stain free and fade resistance. Sunbrella adds a soft texture to your furniture and is fairly more comfortable than the cushionguard.

  • Stain Resistant

Stain resistance is a premium feature you will see in quality outdoor fabrics. Hence, when selecting between cushionguard and sunbrella, you must consider which material can prevent stains. Though the cushionguard claims to be stain resistant, it does have a warranty like the sunproof guarantees.

  • Warranty

The sunbrella is one of the most reputed companies established in the 1960s producing premium outdoor materials. Thus, the quality and the durability can be trusted. As a result, the sunbrella gives your a 5-year warranty for your outdoor fabrics. The cushionguard, in contrast,  proved with a 3-year warranty for your outdoor materials.

  • Weather Resistant

One of the primary factors to consider when selecting an outdoor fabric is to ensure the material is weather resistant. When comparing cushionguard vs. sunbrella, both the materials are decent to and are weather resistant however the sunbrella fabric leads as it is guaranteed to prevent the fabric from fading.

  • Maintenance and Care

It is a must to maintain and take care of your outdoor fabrics if you want to increase the lifetime of the materials, as it also helps to keep your furniture looking clean. However, the effort to maintain the outdoor fabrics can depend on the material. Hence, when comparing cushionguard vs. sunbrella, both materials are easy to clean using soap and water. However, when cleaning, you must avoid harsh chemical ingredients or bleaching as it could harm the originality of the appearance.

  • Fade-resistant

Since the sunbrella fabric is made using solution-dyed acrylic, it has a robust feature to prevent the material from fading compared to any other outdoor materials in the industry. Thus, when compared with a cushionguard, the sunbrella leads the feature.

Cushionguard vs Sunbrella Comparison


  • Price and Value for Money

One of the significant differences in setting the two outdoor materials apart is the cost of the cushionguard and sunbrella. The sunbrella is undoubtedly expensive because it is a trusted company leading the outdoor fabric industry. Hence the sunbrella outdoor fabric can cost approximately 100 dollars or more. But the cushionguard, in contrast, is cheaper and an affordable option. Thus the cushionguard will cost approximately $50 to $100.

  • Design Options and Customization

Most of us prefer our furniture to look attractive, and plenty of design option and customization is essential when selecting a suitable outdoor material. However, both cushionguard and sunbrella have a wide range of color lines, but the sunbrella has a long history. Hence you will see a thousand options, including 50% recycled sewn fiber if you want to select a fabric from sunbrella. You can also customize your fabrics from sunbrella to find something unique.

What is the Best Alternative for Sunbrella Fabric?

Though sunbrella is a premium material type and an excellent option, it can be costly considering its durability and features. However, if you want to find a material similar to sunbrella, you might want to find the best alternative for sunbrella fabric.

Thus, the best alternative to sunbrella is outdura, a solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Outdura is a premium outdoor fabric that is stain resistant, fade-free, and durable like the sunbrella.

Outdura comes with a range of colors and designs to choose from for your furniture and offers a good value for the price. Since the outdura is similar to sunbrella, it is the best option if you find an alternative.


Are Sunbrella Cushions Worth the Money?

Though sunbrella cushions are more expensive than cushionguard, they are worth the money because of their features. The sunbrella is manufactured using solution-dyed acrylic fabric, durable with a 5-years warranty.

Is Cushionguard as Good as Sunbrella?

Cushionguard is not good as sunbrella, as they do not provide features as claimed by the manufacturer, and is not durable.

Why is Sunbrella So Expensive?

Sunbrella is manufactured by one of the leading outdoor fabrics companies in the industry. Thus the sunbrella is expensive because you can guarantee the quality and durability considering the fabric used to design them.

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