What is Included in Roof Replacement? Let’s Find Out

Having a roof replacement in your house is more challenging than you think. One of the nightmares of a house owner would be hearing that the roof needs a complete replacement. If you want to avoid being ripped off by your repairer, you should have a better idea of how the roof replacement is done and what is included in roof replacement.

It would be best if you had a clear idea about what you need to replace your roof. You must pay attention to every detail to have an idea of what things you need for a roof replacement. You may see only shingles on the roof from the outside, but a lot more is happening under the shingles. It is crucial to have a strong roof for your family’s safety.

There are several steps in replacing a roof, and you should have a better idea of what your roof technician would say and how he will do his job. So you should know how the roofing replacement is going on and be aware of the fundamental techniques and things you need in a roof replacement.

In this article, you will get all the details you need about the roofing replacement before giving the contract to the roofing technician. So that way, you will sound very familiar with what is going on, and they will not be able to rip you off.

What is Included in Roof Replacement?

You should know the roofing materials that suit your house according to your preference and have a basic idea about estimating the roof. If you know how to choose the materials and have a typical notion of how it is done, then you can discuss it with your roof mechanic and have a friendly and elegant roof that will protect your family. You do not have to replace everything on your roof. Some things might be in good condition, so you can reuse them. Many items are included in a roof replacement. So let’s see what those are one by one.

What is the Process of Replacing your Roof?

Tearing Off the Roof

The very first step in replacing your roof is tearing it off. This process includes removing shingles one by one to inspect the base of the top and prepare it for the new roof. It would be best if you could tear off the old roof and then re-roof only the shingles on the top, as it will provide safety and security to the people who live on the premises.

Then your roof contractor will be able to have a better look at the structure of your roof and mark the things that need to be replaced. And depending on the damages, he will suggest things that need to be replaced and things that can be reused.

Inspecting the Roof Decking

Inspecting the roof’s deck is essential, like your roof’s heart. If you wonder what the roof decking is, it is the structure that holds your roof. Even if there is minor damage on the decking, your contractor will inform you that those parts need to be replaced.

Decking is known as flat boards being layered onto the joists or trusses, which will help to hold the shingles. If the roof deck is rotten, it is best to replace the entire decking with a new one. This will give you a solid base for your roof.

Installation of the Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is the placement of the metal around the places that can not fit your shingles. Those are the places such as the chimney. Your roof technician will inspect if the metal part is damaged or rusted then you will have to replace it. If you still need to use what you already have.

Installation of the Underlayment

The underlayment is a crucial part of your roof as it will help your roof as the waterproof layer. It is best to use some quality products for the underlayment as it is essential for you to have a roof without any leaks on your roof.

Installation of the Drip Edge

Drip edge installation places a thin metal around the roof’s edges so the rainwater passes without entering the shingles layer.

Installation of the Ice and Water Shield

Directing the ice and the water right down your roof is essential. If you do not place these ice and water shields where needed, rainwater will leak inside your house. So make sure you have them replaced.

The Installation of the Shingles and the Vents

Now here is the best part. If your roof has come up to this, consider it as the last step to replace it. That means the top is almost done. The shingles are placed in layers that overlap with each layer so they are all connected. While this process is going on, the ventilation system is being established. There are different types of ventilation systems available in the market. Some are ridge vents, gable vents, mechanical vents, and off-ridge vents. If you don’t know how the ventilation work, you should talk with your contractor and choose what is best for your house.

Then the final step is to clean the roof. Your contractor will give the final touches to your top by cleaning all the dirt and debris on the roof. This process will take a few hours to complete, and you have a brand new roof over your head there.

What are the Things that are Included in your Roof Installation Cost?

Several factors affect the cost of your roof installation. It is good to know how the estimate is made on which elements to have a rough idea about how it is done. Six things should be included when you want a complete roof replacement: the height of the house, the pitch, the square footage of the roof, layers of the top, the deck, and the materials you are using. The cost will depend on these factors, and it varies from one to another as for the quality you need.

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