How Long Does A Thatched Roof Last – Factors That Come Into Play

Yes, we will be revealing to you how long does a thatched roof last in this article. Even though the globe gets coated in a tint of technology, specific traditional techniques persist in the world with dignity. One way is to have a thatched roof on your house, used for centuries.

Thatched roofs might be a uniquely British occurrence associated with rural idylls. Yet, evidence of thatched houses dating back to prehistoric times has got discovered worldwide. Many people had quite a love-hate relationship with thatched roofs throughout the years. So you might be thinking about how long does a thatched roof last?

Quick Answer: A thatched roof’s lifespan can be as long as a regular roof’s, ranging from 15 to 40 years.

Several factors influence the longevity of such a thatched roof. Keep on reading to know all about the thatched roof.

What is a Thatched Roof?

Thatch get commonly used on the roofs of many classic structures. Thatched Roofs get constructed from bundles of reeds or straw put close together and knotted at the top to prevent the sheaves from moving.

Further, some bundles might get arranged upside down in an overlapping check pattern. It gets referred to as “under-thatch” or “sick thatch.” These thick bundles get set next to overlapping ends to prevent water from passing through.

Sheaves get typically tied with thread or wire, while “rips” are sometimes employed to secure weather-thatch. A skilled thatcher may easily create a random design of overlapping thatch on top of an existing roof. Thatched techniques have got used for centuries, and this technique has a long history. Many native Americans used to thatch their dwellings in Asia and tropical climates.

Materials Used For Thatched Roof

Dried tree leaves, rice straw, golpata, water reed, wheat straw, and heather are some of the most popular materials used.

Thatching is still practiced in impoverished nations by thatch builders. Many individuals in industrialized countries do thatching on their house roofs, and many individuals do thatching to escape the heat.

How Long Does A Thatched Roof Last?

A thatched roof is an organic roof by definition. That implies that the resources used to build it will degrade over time. So how long does a thatched roof last? Property owners may have employed various new materials to make their thatched roofs hundreds of years ago. From grass to marsh plants, everything gets used. The most often used materials currently are combed wheat reed, water reed,  and long straw

Water reed gets frequently imported due to British farming techniques detrimental to domestic output. In any case, the typical water reed roof last for 35 to 40 years. If the material is in good condition at the installation time, a kind of water reed known as Norfolk reed can survive for up to 60 years.

Brushed wheat reed is a type of long straw treated in a certain way to provide a distinct appearance and texture. It is the most often used material in Devon and numerous other English counties. Combed wheat reed has an average lifespan of 25 to 35 years.

The long straw is the final straw. This material gets commonly utilized in agricultural structures and low-cost dwellings. It is a versatile thatched roof material that may get utilized to finish almost any design. It has an average lifetime of 20 to 25 years.

As you can see, certain materials have a longer life expectancy than others.

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Factors Affecting The Life Expectancy Of A Thatched Roof

The first thing to realize is that various elements will influence how long does a thatched roof last

  • Type of cover

The most obvious consideration is the sort of roof cover employed. Some materials are more durable than others. 

  • Location

The location where a thatched roof is placed might influence how much wear and tear it will sustain over time. A location with a lot of rain or heavy winds may determine how often a thatched roof has to be changed.

  • Type lof thatch

It is most likely the most crucial deciding element in determining how long a thatched roof will remain. With so many different materials used to thatch roofs, each has its specific characteristics.

  • Pitch

Also, the pitch of the roof determines the amount of thatch exposed. A higher pitch will be required in a region with significant wind or rain to allow water to get diverted away from it.

  • Moisture

Typically, thatched roofs are subjected to more moisture annually than if they get coated with tiles. If the average annual rainfall exceeds 100 inches. It may be essential to consider employing substandard thatches or other products instead of rye straw.

  • Birds and Rodents

Birds and rats, as one might think, enjoy thatched roofs. The natural materials utilized to build thatch provide safe havens for these pests. Also, if insect infestation is a constant issue, the lifespan of a thatched roof will get diminished. Thatchers advise placing plastic netting on roofs prone to bird and rodent infestations.

  • Human Damage

An essential criterion for extending the life of a thatched roof is to keep the roofing materials as undisturbed as possible. It implies that permitting tradespeople to go on the roof is bad.

In addition, people inexperienced with thatch and its qualities might cause unintentional harm simply by walking about their business, such as repairing chimneys, changing flashing, mounting antennae, cutting trees, etc.

  • Craftmanship

Last but not least, the original roof’s craft is excellent. In brief, the expertise of the thatcher has a considerable impact on the longevity of a thatched roof.

Final Thought

So, properties with thatched roofs are extraordinarily lovely and unique by today’s standards. Along with their eco-friendliness, it makes them quite appealing to individuals who appreciate buildings with more individuality and character.

In addition, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the thatched roof for future generations, as long as you maintain it with respect and care. Thatched roofs have sparked a lot of debate. Hopefully, your chosen unknown item will get included. So, we hope everything is clear.

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