What Is Hot Mop Shower Pan? A Detailed Guide For Your Observation

A waterproof shower enclosure can┬áprevent moisture damage to your plumbing and drywall and keep water away from electrical outlets. Have you ever caught yourself wondering, ‘What is hot mop shower pan?’ Well, let’s find it out today.

Let us divide the context into three segments before discussing what is hot mop shower pan.

1. What Is Hot Mopping?

The application of many layers of wool and heated bitumen to form a waterproof barrier is hot mopping. Hot mopping is typically utilized in waterproof restrooms, particularly beneath showers. However, you can use it to waterproof the floor, roofing, or other house projects such as plants.

When the heavy coating of tar hardens, it produces a watertight membrane that protects the flooring beneath the shower from leaks.

Hot tar is a black asphalt, water, and a chemical binder. You can remove the binder when dry by peeling away the paper that encloses it, and the asphalt can be skimmed off the top. The amount of asphalt can vary, but generally speaking, hot tar is created by heating petroleum and mixing it with a chemical binder, such as asphalt.

2. What Is Hot Mop Shower?

Hot mop showers are a popular way of showering, where the shower floor is heated. When building a shower, hot-mopping is putting hot tar to the bottom of the shower pan. This allows for quick cleanup and prevents the build-up of dirt and soap scum, which is often the case with traditional showers.

Showers have been there for centuries to clean ourselves and keep us safe. A waterproof shower enclosure can be an essential feature to consider when designing a new shower. It protects your walls from water damage by preventing them from penetrating the walls. And damaging the inside of your walls or the enclosure.

3. What Is A Shower Pan?

Consider your shower pan as a funnel. We call the shower component that takes the floor and channels the water down the sewer as the shower pan. A shower pan is a distinct section that may send water towards the drain while retaining it. Each shower pan has a tiny incline that allows your extra shower water to slide off and into the drain.

The shower pan collects any water or moisture from the tile floors and sends it down drainage holes inside the drain. All of this takes place beneath your tile shower, where you cannot see it. That is why having a waterproof surface beneath your tile is so critical.

What Is Hot Mop Shower Pan?

In light of what is hot mop shower pan, we find out that the hot mop shower pan is a multi-layered structure made of 500 degrees superheated tar and 15-pound roofing material.

The hot mop shower pan is typically made up of four layers of watertight hot tar jammed between three layers of 15-pound roofing felt, all of which are embedded in a ┬╝ inch per foot cement bed. As a result, as water passes through the tile floors, it can return to the auxiliary drain (flush holes).

The hot mop shower pan is the most common type of shower pan that you can see in hot mop showers. Also, it is a simple rectangular sheet of material sprayed with a silicone-based varnish; which prevents the build-up of soap scum and dirt. Then you want to leave the varnish to dry, and clean the shower floor using a hot mop head.

Hot mop shower pans are sometimes combined with conventional shower pans to make a hybrid shower. Hybrid showers use both conventional and hot mop shower pan shower designs to give you the best of both worlds.

It prevents leaking inside the shower pan, ceramic breaking, and wastewater outflow in flooring pours by functioning as a watertight solid crust beneath the bathroom tiles.

Hot mop showers use a mop to remove dirt and germs rather than using soap or water to do the job. When you take a hot mop shower, the microfibers in the mop clean you by grabbing onto dirt and holding it until you rinse it off. This prevents using soap or water, which saves water and energy while keeping your bathroom clean.

Bathroom owners can easily find the perfect shower pan for their needs and add it to their bathroom design. When you choose to install a hot mop shower pan in your bathroom, you will increase the appearance and function of your shower. The hot mop shower pan is an excellent addition to any bathroom. Also, it will provide you with years of use.


Considering what is hot mop shower pan is has made you decide that they provide a comfortable shower experience while also providing a decorative aspect to the bathroom. They are an easy bathroom upgrade that provides many benefits and is worth the time and effort to install.

As you’ve seen, your hot mop shower pan is better than any other waterproofing technique now available. The conclusion of this article is what is hot mop shower pan is that they are an essential aspect of a shower. The hot mop shower pan would be the most acceptable best buy; not just for the sake of the bathroom but also for the entire area around your bathroom!


Why would you use a shower pan with a hot mop in it?

When hot mops are put to shower pans and floors, it can give the most watertight, protected, and sealed bathroom ever. It avoids leaking inside the shower pan, tiling breaking, and water discharge in ceramic pours; by functioning as a solid watertight crust beneath the bathroom tiles.

When a hot mop cools down, what time does it take?

Instead of the standard 10-20 years, you have a material with a lifetime of almost 35 years. Instead of trusting a worker who uses alternative technologies to install layers 1-2 showers each week, trust a hot mop expert; who waterproofs tile showers of all sizes for a livelihood.

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