Water Closet Vs Lavatory: Things That You Never Knew Before

The washroom, bathroom, toilet, comfort room, and restroom refer to the more or less same space in a building but are called in different ways. Various English-speaking countries call it a toilet while Americans call it a restroom/ bathroom, whereas the Philippines calls it a comfort room. In this article, we will help you to clear out the doubt via a comparison between water closet vs lavatory since most people confuse between them and think that toilets refer to the water closet.

If you are also searching water closet vs lavatory and trying to figure out the difference between them, then continue reading the article to know in detail.

The water closet and the lavatory will be present in the same toilet. Since many people do not know the water closet and the bathroom, they often think both refer to the same thing. There are many differences between the water closet and the lavatory. After reading this article, your will be able to figure out the difference between a water closet vs lavatory.

So, What Is a Water Closet?

The space that is present inside your bathroom, which provides privacy, is the water closet. This will have a comet with a flushing system. Since the comet is covered separately, the water closet will be private. Even if another person uses the same bathroom to wash the face or brush their teeth, you will be able to use the water closet.

The water closet will also be more hygienic than having a combined bathroom setup. When designing your water closet, various options are available in the market. Considering the affordability, durability, and maintenance, you can choose the best one to suit your bathroom design. Now you might have an understanding of what a water closet means.

What Is a Lavatory?

The term lavatory is a Greek word, and when you translate it to English, the meaning is “I wash.” Hence a lavatory is a place where you wash your hand and face. The sink and the faucets, including the water supply system, are a lavatory where people can wash their hands.

When you think of a typical bathroom setup, it will contain the sink and faucet where you can wash your face and hands and brush your teeth which means a place you use to wash. There are different types of faucets that you can use in your lavatory.

Since the faucet and sink bowl are the things that will be visible in the lavatory when choosing them, you may also consider the look while checking on their quality and features. Through the faucet, you will be able to get the water, and it will drain through the hole in the sink.

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Water Closet Vs Lavatory; Comparison

Now that you might understand the water closet and lavatory, let’s also discuss in detail the difference between a water closet vs lavatory. You can have the water closet and the lavatory in the same bathroom, or you can also have them separately next to each other.

  • The main difference between a water closet vs lavatory is that you use the water closet when nature calls, while you can use the lavatory to wash your hand and face and also brush your teeth. Hence water closet and lavatory serve different purposes.
  • When discussing the outer view of a water closet vs lavatory, you will see a comet containing a hand shower and the flushing system when you enter a water closet. In comparison, the lavatory will have the faucets and the sink attached to the plumbing system.
  • Flushing the water closet will remove the waste material. In contrast, the lavatory will drain the water that you use while washing or brushing. Hence, the plumbing will also differ.
  • The flush tank in your water closet will store the water necessary to flush, whereas, in the lavatory, you can directly get the water by opening the faucet.

These are some significant differences between the water closet vs lavatory.

Why Use a Sperate Water Closet?

In the past, most domestic toilets had a water closet, and the lavatory was separate. Later they combined the lavatory and the water closet in a single bathroom. When you have a separate water closet, it will increase privacy.

Another benefit of having a separate water closet is when you share a bathroom, one can use the water closet while the other person has a shower. In contrast, when you are sharing a combined bathroom, you will have to wait to have a shower if someone is using the water closet. Also, having a separate water closet is hygienic since the germs released will not get into the whole bathroom when flushing.

Apart from the advantage of having a separate water closet, there are also some cons. The main disadvantage of having a separate water closet is that it consumes space, especially if you have a small room in your house then it might be challenging to construct a separate water closet.

If you plan to renovate the toilet, you will have adjusted the plumbing system as well. If you plan to have a separate water closet and think of the space, then you can separate the water closet with a half wall. This way, you will be able to save some space, and also, it will give you privacy.

Maintenance of Water Closet Vs Lavatory

You might now have an understanding of why people have a separate water closet or separate it with a wall if they have the water closet and lavatory in the same bathroom.

When it comes to bathrooms, maintenance is a crucial factor as they will get dirty more often. So, it is necessary to know how you can maintain a water closet vs a lavatory.

Water Closet Maintenance

First, let’s look at the maintenance of the water closet. Since you are using the water closet for nature calls, you must adequately maintain them by cleaning them at least twice a week.

If many people use the same water closet, you will have to clean it more often. When cleaning, avoid using bleach as it is acidic and harmful to your health. Also, it is corrosive.

After using the water closet, make sure you flush before leaving. Do not flush the toilet paper in the water closet as this will block the drainage system, so better place a trash can beside where you can throw the toilet papers. 

Lavatory Maintenance

 The lavatory will not require frequent cleaning like the water closet, but you must clean it well at least once a week. Hair, toothpaste, and other solid particles may block the water draining through the sinkhole.

Hence check the lavatory properly and remove all the dirt. If you notice any blocks, you can use a proper remedy like salt and vinegar, which will help to remove the blocks. 

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