ProPress vs Solder – How To Compare?

Piping is an essential part of any construction, at the same time, it should be permanent. Because it is terrible to do repairs again and again and you will have to spend a lot of money on that. So, the equipment has a huge responsibility when doing any piping for a long-lasting result. But there are so many tools in the market; therefore, it is hard to recognize what the best is. Accordingly, there is a debate, ProPress vs solder, in the plumbing community. Today, we are going to solve this puzzle so you will be able to choose the best option. Keep reading until the end!

ProPress vs Solder 

ProPress is a tool that helps to make a leak-proof connection in pipes permanently. It is a complete piping system with relevant, high-quality products introduced by the company Viega, the USA. And these are available in many sizes from ½ to 4, and configurations. This system can be used for potable water, gas, solar, fire protection, etc.

On the other hand, simply, soldering is a technique that joins piping systems using solder for years. There are different types of solders for piping as well as wiring. Lead-free solder is used for piping since it is not safe to use lead solder for water pipes.

So, let’s see what the differences between this commercial invention and traditional tool are. Then you will be able to choose the best option for piping.

When it comes to the characteristics of solder, soldering can make poor bonds. As a result, joints may move because they may not be completely melted or overheat when they are solidified. Finally, it may be a cause for any crack or leak in piping. When compared with ProPress, soldering takes a longer time for the process. And soldering needs a fully cleaned pipe to work as well as an open flame to complete the process. Another thing is soldering needs a dry condition during the installation.

Now let’s talk about ProPress. You can quickly install the ProPress system within around half an hour, and the method of installation is simple. And ProPress system does not require a fully cleaned pipe to work and an open flame to complete the process. So, it is safer than soldering, and it does not make the work complicated.

Moreover, you can install the ProPress system without draining or drying the pipe. So, there will not be a clearing period before starting the work. When you do the installation, you will need only one power tool – a deburring tool for ProPress. And if we consider the final look of installation, ProPress fittings make uniform and reliable joints. So, you will get a satisfactory outcome with the ProPress system. And this system comes with ‘Smart Connect’ technology which makes sure that the fitting is sealed well.

In conclusion, the ProPress system is easy and quick to install. And it gives you a better outlook. In contrast, soldering requires some additional elements to complete the work and does not give a clean look at the final result.

Do ProPress Fitting Leak? 

In general, ProPress fitting is durable and reliable, so you can hardly expect a leakage. However, there may be a few reasons for ProPress fitting leaking. The first one is if the plumber has not pressed the fitting, it will cause leakage.

If the fitting has never been pressed, make sure to install the tubing properly and do pressing. And if the copper tubing has not been inserted in the correct way, there is a chance of ProPress fitting leaks.

If this is the case, you can cut the fitting and do the installation again. And it is a must to properly align the pressing jaws. Otherwise, a leak might happen. To solve this problem, you should do a reinstallation. Thus, it is advisable to get the service of a professional for the first time itself.

Can you ProPress Over Solder? 

There is something to keep in mind regarding the distance when ProPress over solder. So, you should be knowledgeable enough to do that because the sealing element can be damaged if you do not leave enough space. When soldering by ProPress fitting, you should leave at least 3 tube diameters from the connection. As we discussed earlier, the two piping options need different conditions and equipment. Thus, it is better to hand over this job to a professional as this might be tricky to deal with.

How Long Does a ProPress Fitting Last? 

The lifespan of a piping system is a key point. So, when it comes to the ProPress fitting, the company offers a 25-year warranty for the ProPress system. But only if you take the service from a licensed plumber, this warranty is applicable.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional. Then you will not have to face the aforesaid leakage issues, and in case a problem arises, the company warranty can be used for recovery.

Which is Better Solder or Compression Fitting? 

A compression fitting is another type of pipe fitting, and now let’s have a quick comparison between solder and compression fitting. The compatibility of these two is the same, ‘cross material,’ and the performance of both is equally good.

On the contrary, it is easy to do the installation with compression fitting than soldering. The reason why soldering needs some elements such as open flame etc. And the required tools are fewer for compression fitting than soldering. Likewise, you have to spend less amount of money on a compression fitting. Thus, compression fitting is the better option in general.

Are ProPress Fitting Permanent? 

Yes, ProPress fitting is a permanent solution for any pipe system. As the company claims, it makes a permanent leak-proof connection. If the system is installed properly by a licensed plumber, a 25-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship is applicable to the system.

Further, the sealing elements have a design life of 50 years. Thus, it will be a good investment for your piping system. But always make sure to follow the guidelines of the company to make your fitting permanent.

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