How Much Does Lowes Charge To Install A Fence? Everything Included

To keep the family safe, add charm to the property, and secure this from invaders, Lowes can assist any fence company. Pick from a variety of materials. How much does Lowes charge to install a fence? Find out by reading on.

The private builders would also replace your existing fence for an extra cost. They will assist you in coordinating with the installation for the remainder of the procedure after your fence has been dismantled.

What Is Fencing?

A technique to demarcate your domain is using fencing. A designated or preferred location is chosen for fencing, and laborers first excavate the region that will serve as the perimeter before erecting the fence progressively over the holes.

The statutes provide that even if the fencing is less than 9 meters high, no clearance could be required. But in other circumstances, getting permission beforehand is preferable.

Brief DIY Process of Installing a Fence

Self-installation of a fence is not without challenges. Although you could save on paying manufacturing or service fees financially, installing the fence will take up some of your work.

  • First, the equipment and supplies needed for fences are chosen.
  • Considering the current fence’s size, a doorway would then be positioned across from the fence.
  • The fence gate is also latched, and the extra components are fastened.
  • The fence Gate’s hooks and fittings are now attached.

How Much Time is Required to Install a Fence?

All that is required is to construct the fences using the building resources that have been selected and modified and then to install them. Due to this, fencing might require a week or longer, depending on the region.

Costs and Methods of Installing Fences

Here are some things to think about fence company and how much it costs Lowes to install a fence.

Fence Design

Due to the high cost of components and fencing construction, fence prices vary. Installation costs for some fencing designs may be more than for others. Regarding design & upkeep, every form of fence offers its benefits.

Project’s size

Builders typically base their quotes on linear feet. This applies to both staffing and supplies.

Installing Period

Costs for setup might also be influenced by the size but also design of the region that has to be secured. Nice flat lots make it simpler to construct a fence over larger lots with variable slopes or hilly soil, which take more time to complete.

Customary Factors

The majority of domestic fences must have at minimum one entrance. The price of a fence may vary based on the style of fencing and, indeed, the number of openings. The cost of your construction may also arise due to additions like ornate doors, pillar tops, and fasteners.

Other Elements Related to Fencing

The old fencing must be taken down, and the land must be prepared since you are rebuilding fencing. This could or might not be mentioned in the quotation. The cost of labor might change based on where you are.

To choose the best installation, it is advisable to seek many professional quotations. Generally, allow 10% more for outstanding balance when purchasing fence supplies.

It could be necessary to obtain construction permission to erect a fence based on the local municipality. You might need to ask the Property Owners Organization for permission if you reside in a neighborhood with one.

Before excavating, it is important to find and identify underground utilities. To ensure your fence is entirely on your land, you’ll also like to be aware of the borders of your home.

Lowes Business Profile

One of several top home upkeep and renovation businesses in the US is Lowes. Additionally, this is the second-largest distribution network in the globe and the US. The corporation is the backbone of this internet powerhouse, with more than 3 lakh workers and more than 500 million consumers across the US. This was established on March 25th, precisely a century ago.

The goal of Lowes would be to become a specialist merchant with first-rate facilities for upkeep and repairs. They offer a wide range of services, including those for retail clients, repair clients, renovation clients, and building clients. In light of the slump brought on by the epidemic, it keeps expanding and opening new locations.

Lowes Private Fence Installation Services

Among Lowes‘s upkeep and enhancement services are privacy fencing and shutters. 


The main element affecting all other parameters is the cost of the fence. The price per square foot might range from $4 to $6.


Its price per square foot varies depending on the size of the intended fencing installation; it may be set or calculated using specified measurements, such as 100 feet. The cost to the consumer ranges from $3 to $7.

What Is Resilient Flooring? [Different Types of Flooring Explained]

Different Types of Fencing Options Available At Lowes

Each type of fence does have a range of applications, and Lowes offers a wide selection of fences for its clients.

The chain link

Among the cheapest, long-lasting, and low-maintenance fence components. Perfect for preventing obnoxious animals away.


Traditionally styled with sufficient privacy. Enduring but needs regular upkeep like repainting and refinishing to keep the weather out.


High durability and minimal maintenance architecture. Contemporary, tidy appearance.

Metal (Aluminum & Steel).

The formal style draws attention to the surrounding scenery. Outstanding longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Lowes Fencing Cost Chart Based on Material

Fence Type Fence Cost per linear foot Labor Cost per linear foot
Chain Link $7 $10
Wood $12 $12
Vinyl $17 $7
Aluminum $26 $12
Steel $26 $12

They also depend on labor rates ranging between $5 to $15 per linear foot.

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install a Fence?

How much does Lowes charge to install a fence? Where you live may affect how much it costs to construct a fence. Whatever timbers you select and whether or not you need a gateway built are just two of several additional considerations that will affect the cost of the fence construction.

The average price for each foot when constructing a 4-to-6-foot new fence, considering materials, is from $10 to $30. Installing a building can cost anywhere from $8 to $100 each foot due to the type of timber you choose and the architecture you desire. The price per foot for labor and materials is $13.85


A fence is a great improvement for any house. It offers comfort, increased property value, and aesthetics. How much does Lowes charge to install a fence? Lowes can assist you in making your idea a reality; perhaps you desire a new fence surrounding the swimming or a stylish fence surrounding your yard.

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