How To Open A Locked Window Without Breaking It?

Windows are placed in houses to let sunlight, and they also help to circulate fresh air. You might have thought that when the doors and windows are closed, no one from outside can open them, and yes, that is why we lock the door and window; but you can open a locked window from outside. Are you wondering how it is possible to open a window from the outside? If you think breaking that is incorrect, this article will provide you with hacks on how to open a locked window without breaking it.

Suppose you lost your door and find no possible ways to enter the house, then you can open the closed window and get access to your home; this is not the only way to access your house.

You can also use a plastic card and unlock the door by lifting the garage door; removing the knob from the door, or contacting someone who will have the spare key.

The Reason You Must Know How to Open a Locked Window?

The Reason You Must Know How to Open a Locked Window?

As mentioned in the article, if you have lost the keys, you can enter the house through a window by opening it from outside. Usually, you close all the windows from the inside.

Imagine you notice someone’s pet or an old, sick person stuck inside a room and struggling, and if they cannot open the door from inside, to rescue them, you will have to learn how to open a locked window without breaking it.

When you leave your kid inside the room, and he has closed the door from inside, you hear him crying without knowing to open the door. You try explaining how to open the door or window. Still, if he finds it difficult and you couldn’t also find a spare key; you will have to access the room by opening the locked window.

There are several similar situations that you will come across. Hence it is essential to know how to open a locked window from the outside. There are also situations where someone existing the next door has been found dead inside the house after two days, and people got access to the house by opening the window; therefore, such hacks must be helpful.

Types of Window Locks

Types of Window Locks

There are many types of window locks. So to open the window from the outside, it is essential to know the kind of lock; as you cannot open all the lock in the same way.

Some types of window locks are latch, folding lock, window pin lock, window wedge, keyed lock, sliding window lock, double-hung sash window lock, and casement window lock. You can open these in different ways; hence knowing them and how they are opened will help you open the window from the outside.

How to Open a Locked Window Without Breaking It?

To open the window lock from the outside, you will use a towel, hairdryer (blow-dryer), ruler or pen, safety pin, flat screwdriver; you can also use a knife instead, and a pair of gloves.

  • Even when the window is closed from the inside, you will be able to notice an opening in the window; hence check thoroughly around the window frame, and choose any window with a gap or a hole.
  • Now put the credit card or knife into the gap you found; instead of a knife, you can also use a flat screwdriver. Now you must slowly pull the window to get enough space to put your hand inside.
  • If you find it hard to widen the gap, you can also use a piece of wire between the frame and window. The wire will help you loosen the window; this will make the work easy. And you can open the window.
  • Now you can slowly reach the lock and then unlock it. If your window lock is on top, you might have to climb via the opening to open it.
  • In most cases, you will lock the window from inside. Hence to unlock it, you will have to turn the knob by using a flat end screwdriver and turn until it pops up.
  • Some windows are locked from the outside using a key; to open this, you might need the key. To find the key, you have to insert a knife or a flathead screwdriver in the hole near the window handle. Once you get the key, all you have to do is to unlock and open the window.

Now you know how to open a locked window without breaking it. During any urgent situation, if you need to open the window from the outside, you can make use of the knowledge you gained from the article. This is one method of opening the window from outside without breaking the glass; the methods might differ according to the lock.

If the unlocking techniques fail, you will have to cut the glass or break to access the house; keep this as the last option.

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Safety Measures When Opening a Window from Outside

Safety Measures When Opening a Window from Outside

  • Using the blow dryer, heat the lock if it’s cold; during night time the locks will often become frozen, so you can heat it using the hairdryer.
  • The glass is fragile and possible to shatter during the process, so it will be best if you wear a pair of gloves to avoid injuries. You will also work with sharps objects like knife, so better to be safe.
  • You will never know whether the glass will break or not, due to the pressure you put on the glass during the unlocking process; there are possibilities for the glass to break. Hence to be safe and to avoid shatter of glass, you can cover the window using a towel. The towel will help prevent the glass from breaking into pieces and shattering.
  • You can use a ruler or pen to hold the safety pin to unlock the window; so that you don’t have to do it with your fingers. By following this method, you can protect your fingers from tiny cuts or bruises that may occur during the unlocking process.

We hope this article on how to open a locked window without breaking it was informative!

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